The Department prescribes to all 11 Batho Pele Principles.

The Department is committed to being a transparent, innovative and developmental component/structure of the Municipality that improves the quality of life of the people of Chief Albert Luthuli Municipality.

Sections of the Department

  • Head of the Department: P.J. Nhlabathi (Acting) (017 843 4028)
  • Income and Revenue Management: Headed by Mr D M Gininda (017 843 4015)
  • Budget and Treasury (Internal Services): Headed by Mr O G Hlophe (Acting) (017 843 4051)
  • Supply Chain Management: Headed by Mr N S Mlangeni (017 843 4025)

Core Functions of the Department

  • Accounting
  • Budgeting
  • Revenue Collection and Debt Management
  • Financial Management
  • Treasury
  • Procurement
  • Departmental Mission

Services provided by the Department

Amongst other functions, the Department is responsible for the management of all the financial affairs of the Municipality, advice to the Municipal Manager and the Municipal Council on financial management decisions, and to promote and monitor good financial government for the Municipality.

Services offered by the Department
  • Identify and pursue opportunities in order to increase the revenue base
  • Develop a set of specific performance measurements to ensure that budgets are spent effectively within the limits
  • Develop, implement and monitor all budgetary processes, being capital and operational
  • Develop and review procedures, by-laws and policies for the Department
  • Review the tariffs for all services rendered by the Municipality
  • Maintain debt reduction and financial stabilisation
  • Ensure the rolling out of Free Basic Services
  • Monitor the cash flow of the Municipality

Income and Revenue Management

  • Provide a high quality and cost effective customer care service by reading meters in a cost-effective, accurate and timely manner
  • Provide paypoints in all Units and areas to enable easy access for the community to be able to pay for services
  • Provide a customer care service and general queries
  • Develop, monitor and distribute accurate and timely bills, thereby ensuring that all customer receive bills on time to ensure that the revenue base is improved through the payment of municipal services
  • Review and implement the Credit Control, Debt Collection, Indigent, and Free Basic Services Policies of the Municipality

Budget and Treasury (Internal Services)

  • Ensure fiscal and financial responsibility
  • Ensure that the Municipality has a sound fiscal plan to meet the current and future service delivery by budgeting for resources identified in the approved and adopted Integrated Development Plan (IDP)
  • Provide for affordable tariffs for all services
  • Develop and monitor all budgetary processes and provide for a budget plan
  • Review and implement the Budget, Payment, Creditors, Tariffs, and Investment Policies of the Municipality
  • Ensure prudent and sound cash and investment management of public finances to ensure that adequate financial resources are maintained to meet the Municipality’s long-term financial needs

Supply Chain Management Section

  • Provide for demand management, acquisition management, logistical management, disposal management and risk management services for the Municipality
  • Provide an effective, efficient, accurate and cost-effective store management system
  • Provide a supplier and vendor data base
  • Review and implement the Supply Chain Management Policy of the Municipality

Service Standards of the Department

The Department is committed –

  • To provide an effective, efficient and prompt service on all revenue, logistical and financial issues
  • To best resolve all queries and complaints timely
  • To resolve all complaints within 7 working days from the date of receipt thereof.
  • Any complaints, queries and problems must be forwarded and addressed to the Department in writing, telephonically or by a personal visit to the Department.
  • All complainants shall provide the Department with their name and surname, valid contract address, valid telephone number(s) and the nature of the complaint.
  • Officials of the Department shall disclose their name and area of work for the effective monitoring and management of the customer care service
  • To provide feedback through the Office of the Chief Financial Officer within 21 working days;
  • if feedback is not provided within the specified time limit, queries may be forwarded to the Municipal Manager

Emergency Contact Numbers

POLICE017 843 2108

AMBULANCE017 843 1183

FIRE DEPARTMENT017 843 4011/
078 8019745

LOCAL TRAFFIC017 843 4016