Technical Services

The core functions of the Technical Services Department are outlined below.

Department Mission

The Department Technical Services is devoted to improve the quality of life of its community by providing efficient, sustainable and affordable infrastructure specifically in terms of:

  • water and sanitation
  • Roads and Stormwater
  • Electricity, and
  • Housing
  • Effectively utilizing the available resources, and
  • Identifying the best option that would maximize the output.

Roads and Stormwater

  • Planning the provision and upgrading of adequate roads and stormwater
  • Maintenance of the existing infrastructure
  • Manage the provision of capital infrastructure
  • Project management

Fleet Management

  • Maintenance of all municipal fleet
  • Provide policy guide to Council on fleet matters
  • Ensure that suitable fleet is provided when needed
  • Fleet is roadworthy and repaired in time

Water and Sanitation

  • Planning the provision of water and sanitation services (Master planning),
  • Operation and maintenance of the water and sanitation assets and resources
  • Manage the provision of capital infrastructure related
  • Project management,and
  • Policies, procedure and standards for the provision of the service


  • Plan the provision of housing to the needy by the Province
  • Assist the Province in coordinating the housing delivery strategies
  • Enforce the provincial policies on housing matters, and
  • Assist the province in the managing of contractors and the projects
  • Provide guidance to the community on housing matters
  • Maintain database of housing beneficiaries waiting list


  • Plan and manage the distribution of electricity
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Manage the provision of capital infrastructure
  • Project management
  • Polices, procedures and standards for the provision of the services

Municipal Building

  • Structural Repairs and maintenance of defects to municipal buildings
  • Minor construction and alterations of council buildings

Emergency Contact Numbers

POLICE017 843 2108

AMBULANCE017 843 1183

FIRE DEPARTMENT017 843 4011/
078 8019745

LOCAL TRAFFIC017 843 4016