Public Safety

We are the Department of Public Safety comprising of the following sections: Fire and Rescue Licensing ,and Traffic sections.

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The Services we provide

  • Registration and Licensing of motor vehicles
  • Examination and licensing of learners and drivers
  • Authorization and issuing of professional Driving Permits(PrDP)
  • Examination and roadworthy certification of motor vehicles
  • Traffic policing and traffic law enforcement
  • By – law enforcement relating to street trading and hawkers, parking, advertising and nuisances
  • Road traffic safety
  • Road traffic safety education
  • Visible patrols
  • Rapid responses to incidents
  • Fire fighting and rescue services
  • Mitigation and management of disasters
  • Safeguarding of assets belonging to the municipality
  • Co-ordinating the provision of safety and security services to the community
Yours Rights

You have the right to all principles of good governance

  • Constitution
  • Measurable service standards
  • Courtesy
  • Openness and Transparency
  • Value for Money
  • Customer Impact
  • Acknowledgement and Recognition
  • Redress and apology for lapses in our service
  • Information
  • Accessibility
Your Responsibilities

We request and expect that you will:

  • Pay for the services we offer
  • Be courteous. Civil and respect the dignity of the officials
  • Comply with all applicable legislation
  • Allow the officials to perform their duties without interference and intimidation

You can make use of these services by visiting our offices, making a telephone call or a written enquiry regarding the application procedures to some of these services

You may be required to:

  • Apply in person
  • Produce a positive identification
  • Pay a prescribed fee

Our service provision is based on the principles of Batho Pele and we shall fulfill these principles by rendering prompt and efficient services in a transparent manner.

We have set the following minimum standards for the level and quality of services we provide:

  • Providing accurate information at all times
  • Ensuring that all applications are processed as prescribed in the applicable regulations
  • Accurate recording of transactions

When you write to us we shall:

  • Acknowledge receipt of your correspondence within five days of receiving it
  • Provide you with the name of the person handling your query
  • Provide you with a reference number, where applicable
  • Tell you when you can expect a full response
  • Provide you with our contact details

If you have a complaint:

  • Tell us or report it with immediate effect
  • Your complaint will be acknowledged within five days from the date of receipt
  • We shall investigate and reply within ten working days
  • If you are not happy with our response you can write to The Municipal Manager, P O Box 719 Carolina 1185 and Telephone 017 843 4010 Fax 017 843 4001

Licensing Services

The main function of this section is to register and license motor vehicles (RA), examination of drivers (DLTC) and examination of Vehicles (MVTS).
This section is responsible for:

  • Testing of learners
  • Testing of drivers
  • Issuing of learners and drivers licenses
  • Testing of motor vehicles
  • Issuing of roadworthy certificates
  • Registration of vehicles

The section performs other functions relating to issuing of drivers license cards, duplicate registration certificates etc

Emergency Services (Fire and Rescue and Disaster Management)

The main function of this section is to save life and property. This section performs the following functions:

  • Extinguish fires
  • Extricate trapped victims from vehicles
  • Stabilize incident scenes
  • Stabilize and treat victims at incident scenes
  • Clean spillages at incident scenes
  • Rescue operations
  • Buildings inspection
  • Enforce fire brigade by – laws
  • Provide fire safety measures
  • Provide fire prevention measures
  • Conduct disaster preparedness programmes

As stated in the legislative frame work, it is the primary responsibility of the municipality to establish and maintain a fire service in accordance with the requirements of the law.
Disaster Management Act requires that a municipal council must develop a disaster management plan that forms part of its IDP. It further stipulates that the council must appoint a person to head the disaster management functionality of the municipality.

The are safety requirement to be compiled with on premises in order to reduce the risk of fire or other danger, or to facilitate the evacuation of the premises in the event of such danger, regarding the specifications and standard with which the equipment and material of a fire service shall comply with.

Traffic Services

The main function of the Traffic section is the enforcement of traffic laws, traffic officers are peace officers they enforce a range of other by – laws such as street trading and hawkers, advertising and nuisance.
Traffic policing will ensure a safe flow of traffic by promoting law and order in the traffic environment. To deal with traffic violations three functional areas are involved namely:

  • Legislation (issuing of traffic summons)
  • Traffic policing
  • Adjudication ( execution of warrant of arrests, attending of court proceedings to give evidence)

Hence the total sum of the product of this kind of synergy has an enhanced effect on the reduction of serious road traffic accidents which will lead to the realization of the department’s goal, which is to create a safe environment for the municipality’s communities.

The Technical Sub- section of this section will improve the safety of the road environment in that road signs and markings will be upgraded and maintained thus sending clear messages to the road users.

The traffic law administration will render administrative support to the section and will work together with courts on administration of fines collection.

There is a need to keep educating our communities on how to use the road environment safely and correctly, it is the aim of the section to integrate active community participation in road safety education to ensure that the communities are mobilized and committed to road safety, cyclist safety, understanding and observance of road signs be implemented. The section is engaged with road safety awareness programmes targeting primary school in Chief Albert Luthuli Municipality.

Chief Albert Luthuli Municipality through the Public Safety Department was and is still engaged with key role players in the implementation of the Shova Kalula Bicycle programme where by disadvantaged children are supplied with

The Safety and Security Services Section

The section function is mainly to ensures, promotes and sustain the safety and protection of the municipal buildings and properties.

The section deals with various guarding and monitoring the access control in all the municipal properties, by deploying security guards at strategic municipal properties and the monitoring of the performance of the security service provider if it duly meets the set out standards as stipulated in the Service Level Agreement entered into between the Security Service Provider and the Municipality.

More over the section is entrusted with ensuring that the security service provider complies with the dictation of the security codes of conducts as regulated by PSIRA standards.

Emergency Contact Numbers

POLICE017 843 2108

AMBULANCE017 843 1183

FIRE DEPARTMENT017 843 4011/
078 8019745

LOCAL TRAFFIC017 843 4016