Message from the MM

Municipal Manager MR MS Dlamini

Dear fellow citizens

As we come together across our expansive municipality- collectively bound under the premise of service delivery and good governance – it is my immense pleasure to extend my warmest regards. I am extraordinarily fortunate and proud to be a Municipal Manager of such a vibrant and thriving municipality and a prosperous country alike. I am inordinately grateful for the task bestowed to me by the Chief Albert Luthuli Municipal Council, and at the same time, humbled by it. My overarching responsibility is to be an accounting officer of the municipality as contemplated in the array of legislative frameworks. It thus entails ensuring adequate administrative performance, expeditious service delivery and fiduciary. Taking this into cognisance, the municipality unrelentingly subscribes to the principles of Batho Pele – putting people first. It’s a service preamble standard introduced by the National Government in 2002 having regard of the service delivery capacity challenges which beset the government. Likewise, the municipality takes important cognisance of the Back to Basics pillars; the Back to Basics programme aims at supporting and continuously monitors municipalities in terms of realising the objects of Local Government as set out on section 152 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa (1996). The municipality’s developmental ambitions are articulated on the five year Integrated Development Plan (IDP) which is a principal strategic planning instrument guiding and informing all planning, budgeting, administrative and decision-making in the municipality.

I aim to use diligently this responsibility to improve the quality of life of people within the municipal area of jurisdiction which should stand the municipality in good stead in achieving its vision and mission of being a developmental municipality. Having said that, I heavily rely on the collective efforts of both staff and community members. To this end, community members are encouraged to participate in municipal business as much as possible and to be at the forefront of council business. Chief Albert Luthuli Municipality has made significant strides in ensuring a better life for all its citizens and continues to eradicate all service delivery backlogs in terms of water, sanitation and electricity. However, there is still a lot that ought to be done to make this thriving municipality better. The municipality has targeted improved revenue collection (up to 80%) and a forecasted local economic growth of 5%. Recently, an LED forum (which draws mining and governmental stakeholders within the municipal boundaries) was launched which will be an invaluable tool to achieving the 5% economic growth.
I therefore invite you to partner with us to make this municipality a better place to live. I strongly believe that the municipality has the potential to accomplish great things in the future.

Yours in good governance

Dlamini, MS (Mr)
Municipal Manager

Emergency Contact Numbers

POLICE017 843 2108

AMBULANCE017 843 1183

FIRE DEPARTMENT017 843 4011/
078 8019745

LOCAL TRAFFIC017 843 4016