Providing a Transparent and Accountable Government

Our Mission

To provide a transparent and accountable government by rendering affordable and sustainable
services, encouraging economic and social development through community participation.


Municipal Departments


The Planning Economic & Development department is responsible for strategic support, IDP office, local economic development, tourism development, town planning, marketing and communication, performance management.


The Finance department is resposnible for accounting, budgeting, revenue collection, financial management, treasury and procurement.

Technical Services

The Technical Services department is devoted to improve the quality of life of its community by providing efficient, sustainable and affordable infrastructure specifically in terms of water and sanitation, Roads and Stormwater, Electricity and Housing.

Corporate Services

Corporate Services’ core functions are Human Resource Management, Information Technology, Record and Administrative Services and legal and Secretarial services.

Public Safety

The Department of Public Safety comprises of Fire and Rescue, Licensing and Traffic. As one of the most visible municipal departments we interface with the public on a daily basis.

Community Services

The Community and Health Services Department is responsible for cemeteries, health care, waste management and the environment.

Featured Municipal Projects

Members of the public can normally refer to the annually revised Integrated Development Plan (IDP) which is the municipality’s principal strategic document. It contains all projects for development committed by the municipal council. The Midterm Revenue and Expenditure Framework (Budget) is also another referral for members of the public to check the allocation of projects against the budget.

Suggestion Box

We would love to receive feedback and suggestions from you so we can improve as a municipality