The Executive Mayor of Chief Albert Luthuli Daniel Nkosi has fulfilled his promised to the Ndlovu family in at Nhlazatshe.

According mayor Nkosi the Ndlovu family lost their house during the devastating rains in 2020 December ward 24 and the municipality promised to donate furniture on top of the house which was renovated after.

“I would like to thank the family for persevering while the office dealt with issues of procurement On the 30th July 2021 during the Mandela month whereby everyone is encouraging to do good and use 67 minutes of their time during the Mandela month to assist those who can’t do it themselves. ” he said

Nkosi further quoted one of the Nelson Mandela speeches

“Giving is the essence of the great religions of the world – whether you are discussing the Muslim, Hindu, Jewish or Christian religion. It is an essential fundamental principle of all religions, whatever stage of development a society has reached, to sympathize with others and to promote that spirit of equality.”

The Executive Mayor thanked Furthermore, the ward cllr. Ms. J Thwala thanked the Office of the Executive Mayor for the donation on behalf of the community and the family. Also

Meanwhile Mr Ndlovu thanked the Executive Mayor for honouring his promise that he will return to donate the furniture.

“Now we have a better home after the storm has destroyed everything that we had, I would like to thank the office of the mayor foe what they have done for my family, this shows that we have a caring government indeed” he said.