Multi-Party Women’s Caucus

On the 23rd August 2022, the multi-party women’s caucus held a fruitful and productive women’s event as part of women’s month. The main purpose for this event was to discuss multiple strategies that could assist to move forward with the liberation and emancipation of all women in Chief Albert Luthuli Municipality.  Also to further strengthen bonds amongst staff & councilors in the municipality.
The Caucus is made up of women of all political parties represented in the Municipality. Speakers which dealt with financial management, business most importantly the daily difficulties women face. Moreover, they emphasized that the event is more of a commemorative event than a celebration, given that many women are still finding themselves abused in many ways in the country.
Women need to progress to the next levels of development, and this can be done through the adequate mainstreaming of gender issues and supporting each other.
The Multiparty Women Caucus will also donate 10 boxes per school of sanitary towels to 10 school, the aim is to help eradicate absenteeism among young girls, who often skip school when they do not have access to basic sanitary protection during their menstrual cycles.