Director: Mr. S. S. Sibeko

The Corporate Services department provides functional support to all the other departments of the municipality in order for it to function as a corporate organization. As the municipality goes about its day to day business various ancillary tasks and tools are needed that are general in nature and these collectively fall under Corporate Services.


The human resources function of the Corporate Services department is exactly the same as H.R. in any corporate environment, handling staff and their requirements in terms of common labour law and a healthy working environment. The H.R. function handles training, skills development, employment, performance, labour relations, health & safety and labour policy among other staff issues.
The legal function of corporate services handles the general legal requirements of the municpality and its representation in legal matters. Legal is also responsible for regulating and checking compliance for town planning, by-laws, tarrifs and the drafting of contracts such as S.L.A.s.
Secretarial services are the basic services that make any office run in an organized fashion e.g. reception, typing, communications, committee work, information technology, printing and copying.
The administrative function of Corporate Services carries important activities overall for the running of the municipality including archives, valuation roll, valuation appeals board, messenger services, land administration and general office administration.
  • Municipal ICT Operations Management.
  • Implementation of Disaster ICT Management System
  • Information Technology Support Services.
  • Network Support Services