Finance Department

Budget and Treasury

Manager: Ms W Reaname
(017 843 4133)


  • Ensure fiscal and financial responsibility
  • Ensure that the Municipality has a sound fiscal plan to meet the current and future service delivery by budgeting for resources identified in the approved and adopted Integrated Development Plan (IDP)
  • Provide for affordable tariffs for all services
  • Develop and monitor all budgetary processes and provide for a budget plan
  • Review and implement the Budget, Payment, Creditors, Tariffs, and Investment Policies of the Municipality
  • Ensure prudent and sound cash and investment management of public finances to ensure that adequate financial resources are maintained to meet the Municipality’s long-term financial needs


Manager: Mr. O. G. Hlope
(017 843 4051)


  • Pay service provider as per invoice received in accordance to MFMA within the MP301 in the 30 days.Pay Salaries to all employees as stipulated by the Condition of basic employment Act, Employment Equity Act, Municipal Finance Act and Municipal System Act, within the MP301 Monthly.
  • Pay third parties according to the Pension Acts, Medical aid scheme Act within MP301, Monthly
  • Submit VAT 201 returns to SARS as per invoices paid in accordance with Value Added Tax Act monthly.
  • Submit EMP 201 return reports to SARS as per salaries paid in accordance with SARS Act, of MP301 Monthly.
  • Reconcile bank and general ledger per transaction for municipality in compliance with MFMA in MP301 monthly.
  • Control all payment vouchers of expenditure division in accordance with record and archive management Act within MO301 daily.
  • Invest surplus funds not immediately required to ensure sound financial management for the benefit  of the community finds not immediately.

Asset Management

Manager: Miss. N. C. Madinane
(017 843 4063)


  • To ensure that the assets of the Municipality are safeguarded and managed properly.
  • Monitor completeness and existence of all assets in the asset register and ensure that asset register is GRAP Compliant.
  • Managing, up-dating and maintaining municipal assets to ensure compliance with relevant municipal policies
  • Preparing motivation for write-off and /sale through auction or other prescribed means of disposal of assets exceeding the allowance life cycle and Coordinating the outcomes and accounting sequences thereof

Revenue Management

Manager: Ms. NF Malaza
017 843 4019

Provide a customer care service and general queries
Provide a high quality and cost-effective customer care service
by reading meters in a cost-effective, accurate and timely
Provide paypoints in all Units and areas to enable easy access
for the community to be able to pay for services
Develop, monitor, and distribute accurate and timely bills,
thereby ensuring that all customers receive bills on time to
ensure that the revenue base is improved through the payment

Supply Chain Management

Manager: Mr. J A Nkosi
(017 843 4025)


  • Provide for demand management, acquisition management, logistical management, disposal management and risk management services for the Municipality
  • Provide an effective, efficient, accurate and cost-effective store management system
  • Provide a supplier and vendor data base
  • Review and implement the Supply Chain Management Policy of the Municipality

Credit control and Indigent Management

Manager: Mr D M Gininda
(017 843 4015)

 Review and implement Credit control and debt collection
 Ensure collection of debt owed to the Municipality
 Monitor and review debt collection processes
 Provide Free basic Services
 Provide and implement Indigent Support in line with Indigent
 Review of Indigent Policies
 Review the Credit control and debt collection Policies